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Mail: DACA amnesty results in more illegal immigrationsTell North Platte what you think

Honoring his campaign pledge, President Trump refuses to renew the Obama regime’s unconstitutional executive order that bypassed Congress and granted temporary amnesty to illegal alien minors.  

Trump rightly has returned this prerogative to Congress with a deadline, if it wants to renew this amnesty.

Congress should not extend this deferred amnesty program, as it would cause chain migration that ignores and encourages future illegal immigration into the U.S. 

Continuing amnesty would signal that we effectively have given up enforcing our immigration law and instead seek to reward those who illegally enter our country.  Failure of repeal will invite thousands more illegal aliens to violate our borders, knowing that they, too, will obtain amnesty, and unfairly snubs immigrants who wait years and spend thousands to attain legal citizenship. 

Thousands of other illegal aliens then would demand the same amnesty for their children. 

Such amnesty will activate the constitutional challenge initiated by 10 state attorneys-general, who filed a lawsuit citing legal and constitutional defects in the Obama edict. 

Note that a similar lawsuit already overturned a parallel deferred action for parents of illegal alien children as a violation of the federal separation of powers. 

The Trump ultimatum should prompt Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform under his RAISE Act that would create a merit system of points based on a skills-based framework -- rewarding applicants based on their ability to show self-sufficiency and enhance our economy. 


-- Doug Kagan, president, Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 9/8/2017
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Current immigration laws should be followed. There should be no wavers to reward people who broke the law. All illegals should go home. The representatives we put in DC are to represent the tax payers of this state, not people here illegally. Any politicians siding with illegals as opposed to representing their constituents should be replaced and sent packing.
Posted by Chuck Matson    - 9/10/2017 5:46:28 AM
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