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Sculptures formally dedicated along prime routeTell North Platte what you think
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Rural and urban depictions can be seen in this angle.

Cinda Baker wanted to do something to draw attention to the downtown area, so she installed two sculptures.

Baker owns Cinda’s Accents at 506 N, Jeffers / U.S. Highway 83, specializing in creating frames for artworks.

Placing two sculptures along the street between her gallery and the next building -- the Prairie Arts Center -- helps tie the two together in the minds of passers-by, she said.

“When you go through a lot of towns, you see some sculptures and art,” Baker said. “It creates some atmosphere. I wanted people coming through town to see some art and I thought these statues would just add to it for North Platte.”

Baker bought the sculptures from a foundry where she does business. She selected them for their historical aspects, which ties in well with downtown buildings.

“Our building is over 100 years old,” she said. “They represent that era."

Baker also looked for sculptures to spark images of fun and motion.

Mayor Dwight Livingston congratulated Baker. He said it is a pleasure to work together to improve the community.

The sculptures stand on a city owned parking lot. The city helped prepare the installation and added accent lights.

“That is why we are gifting them to the city,” Baker said. “I kind of came up with the design I wanted for the pedestals and Arnie Albrecht was the bricklayer. He did a great job.”

She said City Administrator Jim Hawks, Parks Director Lyle Minshull and Public Services Director Wes Meyer were a big help.

“They did a great job on the parking lot and reconstructing the flower gardens. They had to tear out part of it and start over, and redo the curbs,” she said.

The new sculptures do not reduce the parking area.

“It is just the same. They just made the opening a little bigger for the cars to go through, but there was an opening there anyway with smaller flower gardens. And it had a trash can in the opening – what a nice view that was,” Baker quipped.

Baker believes in improving the downtown area and promoting the area.

In addition, Bev Larsen has been taking care of the flower garden around the base of the sculptures.

“She has done a phenomenal job,” Cinda said. “She took care of the previous flowers there for the last several years and she helped me by putting most of the new flowers in.”

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 7/12/2017
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Awesome !! love it! Maybe if we get enough statues around and take care of them right, they will let Buffalo Bill out of his cage in Cody Park!
Posted by Peg Leg Pete    - 7/13/2017 6:56:49 AM
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NebraskaLand National Bank You've got a
facebook Request!

Excellent!! Thank you, Cinda!
Posted by gizzmo    - 7/12/2017 5:23:56 PM
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